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But go easy on yourself. For now anyway.

The problem is human nature. Whenever we imagine ourselves in front of an audience, we seem to think that the name of the game is to be “perfect,” as if we were about to face a panel of Olympic judges holding up score cards. In reality, however, what so often connects us to each other are our imperfections, our vulnerabilities. (You know how we feel about someone who’s too perfect!)

When it comes to public speaking, performance, or any form of communication, the key to success begins not with “being perfect,” but with accepting, then building upon, who we already are! The rest of the journey is just the straightforward task of honing the rudiments of the craft.

Most of us, whether we know it or not, already have everything we need to be exceptional communicators! We just need to give ourselves permission to believe in ourselves, which typically emerges from learning a few basic skills.

That’s where Eric comes in. He’s spent a lifetime in front of audiences...taught public speaking at the college level for more than a decade...and coached professionals from all walks of life – executives, to educators, to entertainers.

  1. Transcend fear and anxiety

  2. Develop confidence to face any audience

  3. Prepare efficiently yet thoroughly

  4. Organize thoughts clearly and creatively

  5. Choose topics that will connect

  6. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and passion

  7. Make stories and humor work for you

  8. Validate your audience so they want to see you succeed

  9. Create a sense of community with your audience

  10. Use technology to your advantage

  11. Master eye contact, natural gestures and microphone technique

  12. Employ effective use of PowerPoint, audio-visual aids and props

  13. Project your voice and enunciate your words clearly

  14. Choose language that inspires, persuades and empowers

  15. Pace your presentation for maximum effect

  16. Select appropriate attire

  17. Use the platform, stage and lectern to further connect with your audience

Plus, Eric gives you the secret on how to put yourself – and your audience – at ease in the first three seconds of your speech, presentation or performance!

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Eric Gnezda - Speech Coaching

Perhaps no other discipline is more critical to success than the ability to communicate in front of others. In fact, those who can speak effectively not only gravitate to – but are commonly sought out for – leadership positions. Not to mention that empowering yourself on stage provides the biggest benefit of all. You can become a communicator who makes a difference!

Yet you probably know the statistic. Public speaking is Americans’ number one fear. Death is second. So you’ve no doubt heard Jerry Seinfeld’s take on it – “This means to the average person if you go to a funeral, you're better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

It is through his years of experience and in working with others that Eric developed his CONNECTION, NOT PERFECTION™ coaching techniques. They work for everyone – from the beginner, to the seasoned executive, politician or performer!

Eric coaches you individually or as part of a group. Whatever works for you! And he covers virtually all elements of the necessary skills, including how to:

Speech and Performance Coaching

I enlisted Eric's services to help me prepare for a couple of speeches at a professional conference this summer.  Even though I am an experienced educator and presenter, I was nervous about "getting it right" for my talks.

Eric helped me take my random musings and transform them into effective, cohesive presentations.  He strikes a balance between fantastic listening and honest critiques, a very difficult thing to do. He showed me that I didn't have to be someone I was not when I spoke–that with authenticity comes authority. With his guidance, my talks were a hit at the conference, leading to many new professional connections and opportunities.

The greatest compliment was that people said I was a "natural, gifted" speaker.  Eric will help you put the right effort in so that when you present, everyone thinks it is effortless.

Brian Stewart, President of BWS Education Consulting, Creator of

To speak is to succeed!

Connection...not perfection...

The average person has the ability to put words together in written or verbal form, but very few have the ability to communicate.

Professor Gnezda is a communicator and a teacher. He was the most inspiring speech teacher I have ever had.

He has a God-given grace to meet the student at their point of need and to harness hidden talents in his students through dedicated mentorship and just plain old “honest critique.”

He is passionate, motivated and guaranteed to make an impact on your life in a constructive way, if you let him.

Stanilaw Osei-Bonsu

Ohio Wesleyan University, ’09

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